8086 Assembler Emulator For Win 7+ x86/x64

Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) is an x86 Assembler that uses Intel syntax for MS-DOS and Windows.

In most Universities, for 8086 Programming, Windows XP Systems are used in laboratories, which is the last version of windows to support 16-bit DOS programs.

However, most students use Windows 7 and above, running either 32-bit or 64-bit OS. Although officially unsupported, there is a way to run the same classic DOS interface with windows 7 and above.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the download link (DOS Box & 8086 Assembler With CodeView) and download both the zip files in the folder.
  2. Unzip both the folders, Copy the folder named 8086 in the root directory (C:\8086).
  3. Install the executable DOSBox file in the other zip file.
  4. Open DOSBox (shortcut should automatically be placed in the desktop post installation).
  5. Type in the following commands:
    • mount c c:\8086               (this step is to be repeated every time you open DOSBox)
    • c:
    • edit (filename).asm         (then write your code)
    • masm/zi (filename).asm;
    • link/co (filename);
    • cv/p (filename)                 (this will open up CodeView)
  6. To use in Full screen mode, Press alt+Enter key.
  7. use the syntax exit to exit out of DOSBox.


That is all. You should have a working old school 8086 Assembler with CodeView at this point.

For any dead download link(s), please put it up in the comments section below. I’ll update as soon as possible.


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